Catholic Democrats Voter’s Guide - 2010


The mission of Catholic Democrats is to advance the principles of Catholic Social Justice in the public square and within the Democratic Party. We developed this Voters’ Guide to help Catholics vote with an informed conscience and navigate the complexities of what’s at stake in the elections on November 2nd.

What is Catholic Social Justice?

Catholic Social Justice is the body of moral principles and teaching, rooted in Hebrew and Christian scripture, and in Church tradition, that speaks to the economic, political, and social order.  Pope Leo XIII, the first modern Pope to issue a papal teaching addressing secular issues of social justice, championed the rights of workers and called for the protection of the weak in his 1891 encyclical, Rerum Novarum.  Throughout the 20thcentury and into the 21stcentury, the Catholic Church and Catholic thinkers have illuminated the theology supporting many of the major forms of social progress in the United States: the labor movement and the case for economic justice; social programs that create equality of opportunity for the poor and for all Americans; the notion that we must be responsible stewards of the earth; opposition to the invasion of Iraq and other imprudent uses of military force; and the Gospel call to welcome the immigrant, among others.  The main themes of Catholic Social Justice include the preferential option for the poor; devotion to community and the common good; full participation in the political process; global solidarity and economic development; and the dignity of the person. ... 

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